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The main station Olympia park is trying to go back you to the beginning last century when railway was a queen in the goods and passengers transport. And we will be glad if you leave today´s rushed time and if you move in time of several tens years back with us.

The steam locomotives enjoy always great popularity of visitors. But they do not grasp how much time and exertion use up heating and operation of the steam locomotive. The engine driver must study reserve of water, coal and steam pressure incessantly. If you will seat in the steam passenger train and wait for departure sometimes, you should have an occasional patience.

The steam locomotives have their magic. A visitor can savour calmly a view to chug engines, which leave behind a cloudes of smoke. And they are shrouded in steam if the weather is cold as on the real railway.

Diesel and battery locomotives secure regular operation. Particularly both 7" locotractors deliver a big traction force so they can drive three fully taken coaches. A smaller trains hauled by battery locomotives fill in these two big trains.

Trains run over secure level crossings at five places. The warning lights light up and sound signal start to sound when train is approaching the level crossing. And visitors learn already that moving train has right of way always.

A meeting of two oncoming trains at double-track section around labyrinth is a big variegation for a small passengers. Children shout and wave at each other. And the adults are swept along by children sometimes but it is part of the game.

Night photos of the main station have always a special atmosphere in them.

We try to make a photos our passengers particularly the smallest from all operating days. We are heartily pleased to keep joy, surprise, avaiting and sometime a little timidity before chug train in their faces.

You can examine all photos of passengers on our club internet pages
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